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The Mum Blog – Tracking Progress

Hello Everyone,

Happy Thursday. Although Thursday makes it one day closer to Friday, and as it is month end again, so begins my dreaded durban trip. But I am excited, no, not for the trip, but for the progress that my own blog development has achieved so far! I have used BlogEngine.net to help me out, I now am customizing the themes so that I can create the look and feel that I prefer.

I may not be successful with this blog, in fact, I may totally suck with it but it makes me happy to get my hands on some code again. Now that many possibilities have opened up for me, I am going to try my hands at online, open source development and coding.

I am currently using Visual Studio 2013, Google Chrome, FileZilla & Microsoft Sharepoint Designer as additional tools to help me get jump started. My plan moving forward for my blog is:

  • to change the look and feel of my blog
  • to add additional functionality (like, share, follow etc)
  • to create good, enriching content

My blog is all set to be a lifestyle and motherhood blog. I am extremely excited about my blog, and once it is up and running, I hope that you will follow and sign up. I can’t focus too much on it because if we are leaving for Durban tomorrow, I have a ton of things to do today!

Anyway, Have a great day! Dont forget to check out my progress here and let me know what you think!




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