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Parenting Wins & Losses

Have you ever been overpowered by your children? I’m not talking about your 16 year old adolescent, I’m talking about your 1/2 year old toddler. 

I am not well today, in fact, I am feeling awful and with barely any strenght or energy, I finally gave up and decided to choose my battles.

My 2 year old son, bless his soul, is so sweet and so understanding. As small as he is, he tries to take care of me, and let me tell you his small hugs and kisses make the world of difference when you feel like you’re about to die. 

My 1 year old daughter however is as stubborn as an ox. She wants what she wants, no compromises. She can cry for hours and hours if she doesn’t get what she wants. And if you let the cry go on for too long and then you decide to give in, you can count on whatever it is to be thrown back at you.

So today, when I am at an all time low, she has overpowered me with her lungs. I have decided that today I do not have the energy or will power to fight her lungs, so lucky for her and unfortunately for me, she gets what she wants today.

I am generally the parent that does not approve of spoiling their child rotten, nor do I believe in giving into their every demand but today, she wins. I have been defeated by my 1 year old’s lungs. I do not feel bad about it though because I am sick today, so I forgive myself for giving into her stubborness. 

They said to me, do not let your daughter sit on your head, because she will stay there for the rest of her life. My daughter loves to sit and play on top of my head physically, I am wondering if it really will have the literal outcome though. Will she always be able to overpower me? In my no nonsense parenting approach, am I somewhere spoiling my daughter unknowingly by keeping her with me all the time? She is strong and stubborn, how do I manage this from this age? 


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