general ramblings

The Parental Visits

My parents coming over is great, but the effort that goes into getting my home in order, is not so great!

YES, it is way past midday today and my parents are coming over for a visit this Saturday …so why I am stressing? 

Well, apart from the fact that there are still boxes that need to be unpacked, one heap of clean laundry and also a little pile of dirty laundry in a corner, there is also the fact that I need to clean and set the bathroom, kitchen, lounge and spare room, as well as make my bedroom somewhat less of a disaster while looking  after my two hurricane kids. 

How do I plan to do this? 


Well, I am going to begin now and hope for the best. I am not the best house keeper, sure I would be if I had one less kid or maybe none, but I cant imagine my life without these two little rascals. So the count down is on! Wish me luck! 

Clean house has just begun! 


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