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That Moment 

I have written about the moment, late at night and as soon as it happened. I cannot emphasize enough how I have waited and waited for that moment to come and now that it has happened, I think I have begun to live for it.

My husband and I fought last night (this is nothing new), however suckish (I know that is not a word, but anyway what the hell!) my relationship may sound, it really isnt all that bad. But I’m a woman and you know we have more feelings than the ocean has water! 

We fought and I started to feel like he didn’t care, as we get more upset, we often say the harshest things to each other (this I suppose is everyones fight or flight reaction). But then I stopped and thought about that moment, the moment that I saw love for myself in his eyes and felt it in his touch. If it wasn’t for that moment that happened so recently, I don’t think I would have consoled myself by thinking that I know he loves me. I would have accepted his harsh words and it would have hurt my heart. 

I realise now that there was a reason for me having to wait so long for this moment, it had happened at exactly the right time in my life. Not the time that I wanted it to happen, it happened at the time that I needed it to happen. 

We have all heard that saying, “good things come to those who wait” and the other one, “it will happen when its meant to happen” .

I don’t know why I am surprised, I have seen this so many times in my life. I wanted things in life and I never got them, instead I got something different, however, that something different turned out to be what was meant for me. 

I guess life is truly meant for us to go with the flow. I don’t mean every situation, I mean that when you don’t get something you want or it doesn’t turn out your way, dont be disheartened (okay, I know that its impossible,so be disheartened, its okay), just don’t give up! Know that something better is coming your way! 


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