That moment

Okay, so its been 4 years that my husband and I have been together. 1 year of dating, marriage and 2 kids. Its been a whirlwind with a few minor and major hiccups on the way.

We ended up together after not seeing each other for many years. We couldn’t stop talking to each other and then like all crazy in love people find themselves, we couldn’t spend time apart. 

In these years, I have seen the glimpses of love that reinforce what I take for granted, which is, somewhere inside he has love for me. My husband is the type of person that is quiet unbearable to be with. His thinking is way worse than last century, his comments are enough to push a suicidal person of the edge, his laziness and excuses can test the patience of a saint and the horrible things he says and the way he curses can make a priest have a heart attack. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love him. I love him for the fact that he works hard all day to provide for us, I love him because he never lets my kids want for anything, I love him because he comes home and cooks everyday, I love him because I can’t explain why I love him but my heart knows I do.

But something overwhelming happened today. Its nothing big, in fact, its nothing at all. But he looked at me today and he touched my face today in a moment that made me realise that somewhere deep down, he loves me. It was that look that I have been waiting years to see! That look that made me break down in tears. 

Only I know how I have waited and waited to see that look on his face, those feelings in his eyes and the truth in his touch. Finally, I have seen it. 

It makes things so much more worth it now. It makes all the fights and screaming matches a little more worthwhile. 

Anyways, goodnight world ♥♥ 


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