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Suit up ladies 

I have not accomplished anything that I wanted to do yesterday. Although I feel awful about it, it is because I was feeling awfully tired this morning. It was like I could barely stay awake! 

I have however, succesfully managed to get myself groomed again! Being mother, a wife, a daughter and whatever else in between (maid included), you tend to neglect yourself. But ladies, remember, when your husband/boyfriend/partner met you, I assume he met a lady who groomed herself often and not once in a blue moon when both the kids are sleeping so that she could take longer than 7 minutes in the shower. 

So today, I have done almost everything except for set my hair, I even put a dress on. If he doesn’t notice or doesn’t care, don’t worry, I can assure you that you will feel great, you might even stop and take a selfie! 

So I challenge you. You busy, multi tasking, Goddess, go all out tomorrow. Look show stoppingly drop dead gorgeous, or just clean yourself up a bit (thats if you’re like me, sitting in their pajamas all day because your kids dont care what you wear, they’re going to mess it up anyway!). If you like to take selfies, put one up and mention me in your post! It will be great! 


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