general ramblings


I have started this post many times today,unsure of what to type but in desperate need to do so. 

I wish to live a more efficient lifestyle. I wish to be able to enrich my children with learning activities, be a great wife, keep a wonderful home and generate some income for our business.

To be able to enrich my children, I am planning a schedule. I also am terrible at following such things but I will make a 100% effort to follow through on such things. 

Activities that I would like to include in my day to day running are: 

  • Potty training – Yes, he is 2 years old now and we are running out of diaper sizes!
  • Working on generating an income through our business – this includes adverts, mock ups, getting the mum blog online etc
  • Running a spotless home – Okay, not spotless, I have two kids. But a shiny clean home in certain areas. 
  • Play time – we have moved house so that the kids have an outside area to play. We need to do more things outside.

So, I am now going to continue my house work and thereafter, I am going to plot out a great schedule for us to follow through with.


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