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Survival and parenting

I have survived the terrible weekend! Okay, it wasnt all that bad. I did have some great fun and I love spending times with my in laws (some more than others ).
I am back to my home. It may be just a rented home but we have made it ours! Its our own space and I love that. I don’t have to hide and do things that someone else feels is unacceptable and I don’t have to parent and then listen to tons of comments or snide remarks about my parenting skills.

I am so content today. I am not sure why or what has come over me, but I am definitely feeling content at this moment in time. I haven’t posted on NIYASH for this week, but I will do so if I have some time later. Now that I am almost settled, I think I can start generating a sort off schedule to start kicking ass at this entrepreneurship thing.

As a parent, I see parents teaching their children how to harbor hatred. This upsets me very much because as a mother, you should be teaching your kids to love all and be accepting of all. Isn’t it said that god accepts us all regardless of how we are, when we come before him, we are all the same? 

Whatever religion you belong to (this is not a religious discussion), isn’t the teachig all the same? Why would a mother teach a child to hate the people that she hates? Why would you teach your child about how to put up a pretense? 

I believe, as a parent, we have the responsibility to groom our kids in a way that keeps them pure at heart for as long as possible. Do not instigate the jealousy, hatred and bad feelings that can be stirred within them for no reason. 

All I would like to say to those who have kids is, dont create a world full of people that only know how to spread hate, how long do you think that world is going to last? Teach your children how to love, respect and care for others. Teach them to forgive easily. Lets make it a world filled with love ♥ 

Thats me ↑↑♥ 


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