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Deal with your haters

So its day #3, at our new place. We successfully moved house the past weekend, and it was so very hectic. I am still unpacking things and I have start packing again for our monthly dreaded Durban trip! 

This new home needs some major fixing up, but all in all it is our home. I have done some wonderful organizing, making my bedroom a new play haven for the kids! 

I also now have a dressing room, filled with cupboards on either side and a wonderful dressing table filled with stuff that we use to get ready. 

I am not rich, in fact, I don’t have many things but I have found a way to make use of the things that I do have! 

I was speaking to a friend recently and she was telling me about someone who will soon become family that doesn’t like her. I feel really bad for her because its taking its toll on the way that she is living her life. The lady that doesn’t like her likes to flaunt her lifestyle in my friends face and then she puts up status messages that are horrible and demean my friend.

Why do women do this to each other? I know how this feels, I still face it and go through it too. The difference is that I used to once feel what my friend is feeling, but there came a point where I had enough! 

If you are a women that goes through this and feels hurt and upset about it, let me tell you something. No one gets anywhere by doing this to someone else. The person that is doing this to you, may seem like their living the best life possible, however, they are doing this because they are lacking something in THEIR life, something that you have. Their motivation is JEALOUSY. 

Now, as a typical woman, you may say, “What do I have to be jealous of??” A person does not need to be jealous of things that money can buy, but instead, they are probably jealous of things like, happiness, peace, age or even beauty. 

I want to tell you today,  that you are beautiful, you are special, and you are one in a million. God has not created us all the same, your differences make you special,  unique and amazing. 

But knowing these things won’t exactly help so let me share a few secrets with you. These are not the best things to do, but you know that saying “do unto others as you would have them do unto you “. Well, this is the right time to put it into action. If someone is victimizing you in this way and yes, it is victimisation, and you have exhausted all means of resolving this problem in a good manner, then its time to fight fire with fire.

That friend of mine was so upset about this that she was about to change her entire lifestyle. She was going to stop liking and posting stuff on facebook, she was going to stop updating her whatsapp etc. No ladies, start standing up for yourself. 

In this technological age, we tend to stalk our stalkers lol. No, I’m not talking about that creep that has been checking your status just seconds after it updates,I’m talking about those people who hate us but still keep an eye on us. Yes, I know that even if you don’t want to admit it, you are guilty of keeping up with your haters.

So today, take a selfie. Take an amazing, awesome selfie and crop it, filter it, add some light effects even. But the most important thing about this selfie is your smile! Make sure its the biggest grin that you’ve got!  Post it everywhere and anywhere! Caption it something happy and fun indicating you’re the happiest woman on earth. Egs are “happy girls are the prettiest ” or ” the things I used to trip on , I walk over now ” 

That is going to piss your hater off so badly, do things like that every day or even every second day. 

If you’re  in a relationship, take a picture with your other half, or even revamp an old one. Post it everywhere and put some cryptic caption. egs ” the start of  something great  ” or simply “Thank You .. #trulyBlessed “. Your hater will sit the entire time wondering whats going on. 

Post motivational and happy stuff, not anything dramatic or sarcastic, the message needs to be simply happy. 

When you are around them, be extra nice. You heard that saying “kill them with kindness “?  Yep, this is where that applies. Be so sweet and so nice to your hater, that they have to do a double take and say to themselves “wt*” 

These things may seem small and like they won’t make a difference at all but your hater is watching your every move and it will kill them that you are so happy and outgoing despite their attempts to make you miserable. I’ve seen this work, lets hope it works for you too!

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