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A monday post

Well, as I have mentioned yesterday, I have a busy week ahead. With that said, Monday has been the usual blue Monday and everything has gone as a Monday goes; slow! 

So I have decided to start the packing tomorrow .. I am usually much more excited about moving, but I just feel nothing towards it right now. Especially since I have just cleaned and set this place, now I just have to up and start packing! What a waste!

The thought of the new rented home excites me, however it is quiet a wreck and a lot needs to be done to make it liveable! Especially in the bathroom!! (Urgh!!) 

I have to start cutting the things to cook supper, however my husband says that he might be working late so maybe, I have some more time! 

I feel like having a good cup of coffee right now. Maybe that will get my energy back! I still haven’t gotten an article for tomorrow’s blog post on the niyash blog, so I need to brainstorm that! 

I feel good though as I have accomplished posting on the blog, posting on this blog and cleaning up for today. I also advertised NIYASH for this week, so that is done! I need to be this focused EVERYDAY in order to accomplish a successful business!

Wish me luck! 


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