Well, I have decided to take this time to ‘work’. What work is probably your next question..

Well, I have decided that it’s time to take starting our business as ‘work’. I am working on blog posts for our blog, as though this is paying work (yes, I know it is not). But I am hoping that trying out all possible avenues may bring in some new business for NIYASH.

This father’s day weekend has gone by in a flash, most of which I spent frustrated and overworked. Even as I type this, I have many things to do. All of which, I will attend to AFTER I finish my blog post. I am trying to stay true to the goals I set out for myself. It is hard but I am hoping that it will all be worth it. At the moment, I have only being doing safety posts on the niyash blog because that is all that I can handle for one day. As I set myself up, I will start attempting two posts a day, one being safety and the other i.t.

We are moving to a new rented home next weekend, so this week is going to be extremely hectic.

I shall be going now, to start on my list of things although I feel as though I could just collapse. Maybe I should and just wake up early.. thats actually seeming like a good idea to me. Here’s to success!!


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