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i dont really understand

I don’t understand FIDGET SPINNERS, I mean really now? They dont fascinate me in any way. 

I don’t understand those PERFECT MOTHERS, I mean really? You’re posing for pictures in your perfectly clean house, with manicured fingernails and you expect me to believe you’re perfect? No, my friend, show me the real shit . You know the part of your house where your kid is actually playing  and where they create a mess every second. Show me the part of your life where you’re cleaning your kids dirty diaper as they’re running/crawling with their dirty bum! 

I don’t understand the people who love to PROJECT A FAKE REALITY, do you really expect us to believe that you only have good days, your life is as glamorous as your social media profile and you never have had a fight or disagreement with anyone ? Please.. I Know Better! 

I don’t understand how a mother that PAWNS OFF HER KIDS to every and anyone under the sun, dares to post pictures of her and her husband at a club. She carries on like the best mother in the world, while her kids are confused about whether she’s  their mother or her sister is! 

I don’t understand PEOPLE WHO WANT SYMPATHY for situations that they should have the sense to have come out of. For example, your husband is cheating on you with another woman in your bedroom, you send the man out of your life, you DONT beg for him back and then tell everyone how bad he is. I have heard this story continuously about how hard someones life was, their husband left them but they had thousands of kids with that man. Since you were sending your kids here, there and everywhere to stay, WHY DIDNT YOU FIND A JOB, instead of sitting back and complaining so much?? I understand people have other difficulties, thats okay. But not someone who can make the time to roam around aimlessly and then come home and tell their kids how hard life is!

I don’t understand people who INSIST THEY KNOW EVERYTHING,BUT KNOW NOTHING. What are you?? Google??

I don’t understand HYPOCRITES. How is it okay when your daughter does something,  but if the next person’s child does the same thing,  you have a million and ome judgements to pass and a thousand and one bad things to say? 

I will post later. I was just really frustrated at this point. Take care. Have a great day ♡ 


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