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Manic Monday 

It’s Manic Monday here in our household. As usual, my youngest is already squirming in bed, because hey,  5 am is coming!  I’ve had a horrible night because my son had a very restless sleep. If his sleep is restless, my sleep is restless (this doesn’t affect the dad though,  because nothing can break his snores!) . 

After putting my son to sleep for the tenth time while praying that his moans don’t wake my daughter up, I fell into a restless sleep, with dreams about strange things happening (sausages dying – I know right?  How can a sausage die? It has no life in the first place!

As I finally fall into a better sleep, my alarm rings for me to get up and begin my daily routine. 

Last night, itself was a rough night. All I wanted was some tea and some peace ( I received neither mind you!) . My kids last night were on some sort of unforseen sugar rush! They didn’t want to sleep and eventually only fell asleep an hour after beginning to try. 

That, together with my restless sleep and this Monday, I can tell you, its going to be a long and hard day! 

I’m going to try and take it easy today but also try and get a lot of stuff done. I have managed to clean house so far, I just want to manage to maintain it. Once I’ve got that under control, then , maybe ..just maybe, I can slot some time in for myself. I had given myself till end of June for my blog, but looks like I will have to change that date because I am not getting a chance to even focus on it. 

I will surely blog again in the next couple hours. Have a great Monday!


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