why there is no such thing as a lazy sunday…


Up at 5am. The smallest wakes up at around 2.30 for a feed. Forget the fact that mum went to bed at 11 pm the night before. Once she is up there is an endless lot of talking, running after her to stop her from falling or any other disaster falling upon her and a whole lot of getting up to make milk, change diapers and getting something to eat or drink. My son decides to get up and sit in bed, calling my name every ten seconds. His father of course is lying next to him, but apart from grunts and snores, you can’t count on him for much.


Finally,after numerous attempts from my son, the dad will get up. He will go about his daily routine, steadily creating a mess behind him. This is followed by me making a breakfast that could feed an entire village while simultaneously screaming at the kids, trying to watch out for that disaster that I was talking about. After this, its time to scruff down my breakfast while he enjoys his peacefully and thereafter start cleaning up breakfast dishes. This, of course is where the husband creates a getaway for himself by saying he has a ton of things to do to clean the car. As he fetches things from the house,  my extention cord included (i cannot turn on my washing machine without this),I have to battle my son who obviously wants to follow his father. Here, the husband disappears for hours while complaining about everything from breakfast to dust. 


Now, what about the house cleanup? The beds need to be made, kitchen needs to be cleaned, laundry needs to be washed (dont forget I cannot do this until my husband returns the extention cord ) and the entire house needs sweeping, dusting etc. 


Well, generally, in between all of this,  lunch needs to be made, kids need to be changed, bathed, put to sleep etc. On return, if we are lucky, my husband might take a bath lol and then he will sleep because his one job was so tiring. 

Rest? Lazy Sunday? Lol, it can never happen especially not in this household.


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