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Laugh as much as you breathe, love as much as you live♡

I think this is so important, however, don’t think I do this everyday. Its impossible to be happy all the time, don’t let people who pretend to be happy all the time fool you! They are either on drugs or have taken an overdose of anti depressants! If Your Creator  ( I say this for those who don’t believe in God and for those of different religions) , didn’t want you to be anything but happy, he wouldn’t give you emotions at all! Anyway,  how would you appreciate something good if you have never experienced something bad? 

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself♡

This is so very true, I really believe in this.  Look at my darling friend, she is truly beautiful. Beauty is not just about how you look, but how your heart is. Yes, society shuns those with marks on their faces, those whose not as  white as a tablecloth and who have something different about them. Let me tell you, these little things set you apart from the rest! Don’t bother about a society that follows, you become the person that leads. If you look different, talk different or even walk different, don’t be sad that you don’t fit in, be happy that you stand out! Be confident in who you are, that’s what really gets people. 

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations♡

 Have you ever felt that sense of achievement after completing a really difficult task? Have you ever heard the saying “victory is sweet “? This is so true. After blood, sweat and pain, we truly appreciate how far we have come. We know the pain of hardwork and that is how we know how to appreciate the outcome of our hard work. Always keep in mind that there is something for you at the end of the road. You just need a little patience and dedication to get there! 

On your way to your destination, don’t forget to stop and appreciate the little things. You will be surprised at how little things can bring about HUGE happiness in your life! For me, the little things that make a huge difference and bring me immense joy include my kids, their smiles, their laughs and especially when they call for me. 

Have a great day everyone. I took time out to write this post, now its time to get down to work! 


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