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Hello everyone. 

I haven’t posted in two days and I am missing my last weeks featured post. I know, I suck as a blogger. Since I have been complaining about cleaning continuously, look who cleaned up!

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I am not done yet however, hopefully, I will be done today. Wish me luck!
Recently, a family friend’s daughter was admitted in hospital. She is just about to turn 21. She is a child with special needs. She has celebral palsy, autism and sadly, has now been diagnosed with spinal cord degeneration. I cannot stop thinking about this beautiful, young woman! She is amazing, in fact, she is someone to be admired. I am so frustrated about the fact, that this wonderful human being has to go through so much of pain. 

When I think of her, my heart is filled with pain. I have seen her laugh, seen her communicate, I have seen her eyes light up! I have seen her mother stand strong for her daughter, I have seen her mother become superwoman. I admire these people. My heart breaks to know that now, they have found more bad news. 

I wish I could do something about this. I wish I could help. She keeps playing in my mind. 

My dear girl, 

You are beautiful and wonderful and loved. You have come a long way, dont you worry,  you have a long way to go. You are an inspiration. You are the best person that I have been ever blessed to meet. I have seen you laugh and smile, and I have never seen anything more wonderful. Be strong, darling girl. I know the road is hard, but don’t give up. Hold on and be strong. Look to your mother, she is filled with immense strenght. She is your pillar, she will always be there for you. She loves you so very much,  you see. She will fight the world for you and even though you are feeling the pain, she is feeling it too. That is your bond. Your mother’s entire world is created by you. She will be there for you. Pray to God. He sees all and understands all. He has made you more special than anyone. You are God’s special child. My heart prays for you every day. It will be hard, but everyone is praying for you my darling.  We love you.

I know that these words do not take away someone’s pain, but if you have the chance of meeting this wonderful individual, you will know that your every word to her, counts.  

I urge everyone to pray, not just for her, but everyone like her. Do not treat children with special needs so differently, that they feel out of place. Just love these special people, they deserve all of the love.


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