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7 days of happiness

Happy Sunday everyone ♡♡ 

Yesterday’s poetjie was delicious, however it was not a fun time. It was simply cook, eat and clean. Nothing special there at all. I have decided to challenge myself to 7 days of happiness. No, I have not read this online and no I haven’t even researched this a bit. But I need happiness, inner happiness otherwise I will go crazy! 

No, I am not going to tell you that I am going to practise some inner peace yoga. I, for 7 consecutive days, am going to do things that make me happy. This may change as the week goes along, but anyways, I have to start somewhere.

Day #1

I am going to dance. I am a professional modern bollywood dancer. I have danced on stages in SA. On this day, I am going to dance to my hearts content for just 15 minutes!

Day #2 

I am going to change the setup of the bedroom and make it more inviting to me. 

Day #3

I am going to program my blog for about an hour.

Day #4

I am going to put on some music and clean parts of the house.

Day #5

I am going to take a mid day 15 minute nap.

Day #6

I am going to get dressed in my best clothes and look amazing.

Day #7

I am going to spend time making out a list and review of  week of happiness.

Yes, these things sound stupid but I am going to do them because they make me happy. I am going to ignore the bullshit, smile at the insults and play a song in my mind when I feel that it is getting too much. Lets see what my husbands reaction is and lets see how much better this week makes me feel! 


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