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Frustration of a sahm

For stay at home mum, something that is least enjoyed is peace. The peace of not having to scream every five seconds and not having to get up from that spot that you just got comfortable in every five minutes. You also would love to spend the day out, even if it is with the kids, doing nothing, because it means you escaped the confines of the four walls that you see everyday that is probably going to drive you crazy.

You would expect that when your husband is home, he would atleast help in making that five seconds, a minute and five minutes, ten. However, this is not the case with me. My husband, my dear dear husband, falls asleep almost immediately after he sits down. He will not even make the attempt to take us somewhere, finding every possible excuse along the way.

This is frustrating to me. I am here 24/7, seeing nothing but these four walls and doing nothing but serving the people that inhabit them. Don’t I deserve a break? Don’t I deserve to fall asleep immediately after I sit down? 

I am not saying going to work every day is an easy thing and then you come home and cook. But if I was going to work every day, wouldn’t I have to do the exact thing? In fact,  if I was going to work everyday, I would still have to do all the preparation for cooking as well as cook. My husband just cooks! 

However,  going to work every day means getting out of the house, talking to people, getting fresh air, seeing your surroundings and then coming home. I have none of these luxuries.

You can’t explain this to my husband however, because he fails to understand me. He fails to understand my frustration because he can never place himself in my shoes.

I hope you guys are having a better Saturday than I am. Take care.


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