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50 Posts!! 

I have finally made 50 posts on A Mixture of Life… yay! 50 posts but more than 50 likes! Thank you readers for sharing my journey with me! 


I realise that I have been majorly down recently and always complaining. Please forgive me, sometimes it all gets too much to handle and with no one to listen to my rants and what I think is important, I use my blog as an outlet for my feelings. 

It’s amazing how sometimes everything feels better after doing something simple, like having a cup of tea or having a nice, hot shower . 

After having a shower, I realised that what my husband does, should not surprise me. Its what he does all the time. I might as well just make the most of it. I am now contemplating what to do with my kids so that this Saturday is not a total waste of time( as other Saturdays have been!) . 

We are going to try making a poetjie today. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this meal, it is a South African dish similar to a stew. It is made using a cast iron three legged pot on a fire. 

My lounge is pretty closed off because we are renting a place to stay where the kitchen is not seperated from the lounge. This is dangerous because we have small kids in our home. However, I am thinking of opening up the lounge a little for the kids to have a little more space to run around. 

I am also thinking of playing some music and some games to increase their involvement in the entire cooking ordeal so that it is not as boring as mum and dad are cooking, we have to entertain ourselves. I will let you know how the day goes along.


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