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The Mum blog : Development 

So as you know, I am developing The Mum Blog from scratch. I thought that I could go all the way html, however I now am restarting my blog by developing it using c#.  My web hosting provider does not support php forms! 

Although, I have to start from scratch with this one, by the time I am done, I would have learned much from this experience. I wanted to become a programmer ever since I discovered computers. I’ve studied programming and completed my diploma in Software Development. 

I love solving the problems behind code and maybe if I was not a mother of two at the moment, I would be doing well in my career. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, they are wonderful and amazing. I am just stating what my life would be. 

So I am getting there slowly with my c# blog. I have created the basic layout using html,, c# and made use of the c# web form and xml. It’s a little tricky,  because its the first time that I am using a xml dataset. But I am trying, so pray for me! The dataset is working out great for the layout that I have in mind, however my mailto function does not want to get going. After that is sorted then I will be able to run my website live and see how it looks. I am however worried about device responsiveness, but that is a battle for another day, I guess.

All the pros out there are probably laughing at my xml dilemma, don’t worry I’m laughing too! 

I’m just glad I have a running site, for today. My line up for tomorrow consists of the following:

  • Comments section
  • The read more button (you know you just view the post excerpt and click the read more to expand the article)
  • Search function

Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed for me! 


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