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Mummy Ambition

Good morning bloggers ♡♡ 

I have been feeling really down and depressed lately. I have no idea why, I am usually a strong spirit, though very emotional. 

I decided today that I should take my life back from my emotions. I like to be happy. I don’t like to be sad and droopy. 

I am still without a work from home job and I am not a creative genius that I can invent a job opportunity that will generate money immediately. I know, I decided to start a blog, which was going well by the way, until I realised that I need to create the blog in c#. Now, I am back to starting from scratch.

I am trying to focus on bettering my home but unfortunately, tiredness and laziness is getting the better of me. I feel like I need a good half hours rest. But I have two toddlers, where will the rest come from? 

I have taken the decision to start teaching my kids, not that I am not, but to teach them more actively. 

Firstly, we need a schedule. Once we have a schedule in place,  we can move forward from there. My thoughts on schedules is that they bring a sense of stability in our lives. They also help in accomplishing tasks. 

After scheduling, I need to start the kids with activities. I need to find good activities in which they educate my children as well as keep them entertained. There’s no point in doing something that does not hold my childs attention.

I shall definitely keep you updated on my progress with my kids. I am going to set some goals that I would like to achieve with them. Hopefully, I make some progress. 


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