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Clean House Tuesday 

I get so happy when people from other blogs interact with me. It feels like I am talking to actual people and not just typing randomly into the blank universe. 

I completely encourage these interactions. A shout out to Linda from Olive & Clo, the wonderful mum from mumercise and the new blog on the block, The greenest of blues

I absolutely love getting feedback! 

I am a bit late today, in my daily post. I cleaned house! Lol, my motivation? My parents were coming to visit! Anyway, I spent the day with them and I feel so happy about it. All my housework is done, food cooked, kids bathed and changed. I feel at peace. Its a very strange feeling, let me tell you! 

However,  my kids are troubling me,  so as usual, it’s not real peace. Things were not always good with my mother and I. But as we go along, I see the care she has for me. She comes over and takes over and wants me to sit down so that she can take care of me. It’s strange and it’s different.  Its a new dynamic in my life that I am still exploring. 

I love and admire the bond that my parents have with my kids. My dad drove around 700 km (about 435 miles) yesterday and he still drove just over 300 km ( about 186 miles) today, just to see his grandchildren. 

Anyway, I will type a post as soon as I get time (hopefully today) because I feel like typing away. Hope you’re having a great Tuesday. 


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