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Monday Blues 

Back to Monday… Apart from having a strange weekend, I had a strange night. My kids kept getting up and screaming and crying throughout the night. It got so bad, that we actually had to wake my son up and put the lights on for maybe a good 20 minutes. Even my daughter was up, she fell asleep in my arms next to me ( I love that but it doesn’t happen everyday because the four of us can’t fit comfortably in my bed together, even though it is a huge bed).

Anyway after all was settled, then my husband decided to fall asleep in between my son and I. Needless to say, I was out in the cold all night,  holding on to the bed so that I don’t fall down! Now, I’ve gotten up to make his lunch, and I am looking at the state of my house and so not excited to clean it AGAIN. I mean it was a shlep the first time, you know.

I feel so tired, like I could just collapse after the night that I have had. I need about 10 cups of coffee maybe. My friend had a baby yesterday. A beautiful and gorgeous little girl. I love kids, gosh! They are amazing. 

Have a great Monday friends. ♡♡♡ 


2 thoughts on “Monday Blues ”

    1. Lol I’ve also had the same thoughts… wondering which mother is suffering at night, battling to put her kids to bed. Being a mother, theres no such thing as “a good nights sleep” 😂


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