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Happy Friday ♡

Good morning bloggers. Happy Friday!! For some of us, it means weekend and for others,  it means nothing(can someone say work on Saturday ) . 

So maybe you thought I died of cleaning since I haven’t blogged since I wrote yesterday’s post, but rest assured, I’m alive! 

I cleaned 3/4 of my house yesterday,  with my kids running a mock in between! Today, I shall do the other quarter and finally be done with that. However, I am dying!

You see I have always been sickly, and after I had my kids (1 year apart from each other ), I was warned to take it easy. Now, after yesterday,I got very sick last night, and I am still feeling quiet awful this morning. In fact, I feel terrible this morning. 

Anyway, my husband is working this weekend, so no far away trip for me. There’s almost nothing fun to do with our kids in our area and surrounds. I hate giving them boring weekends, I want their weekends to be fun filled and adventurous. I want them to always look to weekends with us as fun, family time. I want to give them great experiences with us, who knows? I could really be dying! 


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