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Sunday begins

So Sunday begins. With screaming kids and loads of house work to be done. My simple pleasure for the day, is having a good cup of tea for this morning. However, this is not working out well. My kids are running a mock.

I have so much to do but its a lazy Sunday for me. I have received an email from one of the applications that I have put forth, however it is still a long process to complete this application. Firstly, I applied online, which was a long and tedious process. I assume the website provides quality work to their clients and that is why they have such a long and detailed application process. Now, after completing that application, they have sent me an email indicating that I have passed the initial application and included a link in which I need to fill out more forms!

Anyway,I have filled and signed these forms and sent them in. I am hoping for the best, however the pay rates are quiet low, I  hoping to persevere in order to make these small amounts add up to something. It looks like I could only make around $20 a week and let me tell you, that is me being optimistic!

Again, I will tell you, that only once I have received an actual payment from these people will I share the details and give you a good review. I have read and followed links to way too many scams on the Internet. 

Anyway, I have got to go and complete my long chore list. Have a good day bloggers!


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