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Is this a strange & hectic day or what! 

I’m having a really hectic day. Truly, dealing with kids is more like battling jurassic parks raptors. Well, that’s what I imagine it to be like. 

My children are amazing (yes, I know, every mother says that about her kid). What mothers dont say however, is that they are amazing if you are spending 5 minutes with them. But if you’re spending 24/7 with them,  they are amazing and a whole lot of other things.

Kids are hard work, they test your patience till there’s a thin line between patience and insanity. They are tiring and messy and a whole bunch of other stuff. No one appreciates that a Good mum is more like superwoman. So to all you great mums around the world, tap yourself on the back, I know you are doing well! Congratulations on being the most under appreciated Super woman in the world. But when your child does something that makes you proud, then you will know it was worth it! (I sure hope so!) 

Something has annoyed me today. Ever since I became a mom, I started looking at things in a whole new light. My cousin, who is very close to me, has a girlfriend. She is years younger than him, and a pleasure to talk to. But as the saying goes, new brooms sweep clean

Anyway, after the initial weeks of getting to know her, we became quiet close. But today, I insulted my cousin(not to be mean, I was just teasing him) and she attacked me in a sort off joking way, however it pissed me off. 

I appreciate our closeness and our ability to talk to each other about anything but shouldn’t a relationship have some respect involved .  I am an adult as well as a mother, don’t I deserve a little respect? 

Anyway, I haven’t said anything because I value my relationship with the both of them but it still bugs me. Will she marry into our family and behave this way as well? Am I now understanding the views of my in laws? Have they thought about me like this as well? 

I’ve got to run now. Will post again soon. Have a great weekend everyone.


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