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Life goes on

We take so much for granted in this life. As a kid, you wait for some freedom, some space, some time on your own to do whatever you want to do. Recently, I’ve been feeling bitter sweet about this. 

Some days and some moments, I am thankful to be living on my own. I have that sense of happiness that I get to do what I want to and when I want to and how I want to do it. Obviously, some of my habits are habits that would make my parents scream! 

But then other days, I miss the comfort of home. I miss having my mum nagging me for things and having her there to talk about nothing with. I miss having her around to complain about things to as well as having her around to annoy and irritate. I miss having my dad around to share my interests with. I miss listening to the stories that he has to tell and his not so funny jokes. I miss spending time with him so very much.

Thats the strange thing about life, the more you strive to get out of one phase of your life, the more you miss it when you pass it by. 

I am a mother and that is my identity now, but I was a daughter first. A son will leave his mother, go around the world and compare every girl to her. If she matches up, he marries her and if she doesn’t then its Goodbye. But a daughter, a daughter will never leave your side. You may fight and argue as all mothers and daughters do but you will always remain in her heart. 

She may choose a husband for herself but you are still her first priority. When she starts going through the motions with her husband, she will identify with the times that you went through problems with yours. When she becomes pregnant with her child, she will understand what it took from you to have her. When she is up all night with her child, feeding, burping and changing diapers, she will realise that you are no less than superwoman. A daughter will always love her parents the most.


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