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No more procrastination 

I have so many things to do right now and I don’t want to do any of them. We are renting in Richards Bay but we need to change homes. This place is horrible! When it rains, it rains indoors! But now, new home rentals require a full months rent as a deposit. Where do I get this money from? 

I have devoted hours looking for jobs for a stay at home mum like me. If anything comes of it, I will definitely let you know. 

My son is so amazing. When he gets hurt, he knows I massage the place that he got hurt and give him a kiss. He hurt me just now with one of his toys. He was so quick to ask, “Ma, you ok?” . That was followed by, “paining?”. When I responded, “yes”, he came and massaged my leg and gave me a sweet kiss while asking if I am okay again.

Imagine if I was still working, I would miss all these sweet moments. I am so lucky to be at home and spend time with my two. Lets just hope I can find a job soon! My battery is going to die now, I will be back soon.


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