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Mornings. ..

Good motning bloggers!! 

He was not upset! Thank God! And I did spoil him and he knew that I had planned it before  breaking the machine. It all worked out fine and he really loved it! 

He is a good man lol. I thought he would be really upset. So what can I do today? 

My kids have been up since 5, so there hasn’t been any 5 minutes of peace for me. I still want to keep busy though, I have been looking for online opportunities but have been unsuccessful in finding something that allows me to work from home.

The sun is coming up so it looks like the rain is fading away. My dads birthday is this weekend, so they will be coming over. Maybe I should plan something for the 6 of us. 

My family has always been the 3 of us, my mum, dad and I. Then I met my husband and from 3 we became 4. And then I had my kids one after the other so from 4 we became 6! 

My parents love my kids so much. Their concern for my kids has no boundaries. My dad is willing to do everything in this world for them and that makes my heart so very happy. 

I want to plan a month end trip to St. Lucia as well because I have always wanted to see the place. Here are a few pictures:

I would just love to go on a game drive and spot the animals enjoying themselves. I think nature is beautiful and it is very important to teach my kids about nature and animals. 

But coming back to this weekend, I will check the weather and see what I can plan. My dad just loves spending time with the kids! 

I really want to start making my own money so if any one has ideas, let me know! 

Also, if anyone wants to post guest articles regarding health, safety, it or technology, send me a message. I am looking for posters for NIYASH.


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