Spoiling the hubby ♡

Yesterday was Mothers Day. Soon, it will be Fathers Day. But today, I want to make my husband feel special. Why? I don’t know really, I just want to do it. For all I know, maybe he needs the spoiling.

Special days are exciting for me. So you can definitely count on me doing something   (nothing too expensive as I am broke) for fathers day. But today,I just want to spoil him.. just because I can.

So firstly, I am going to greet him with a good cup of coffee as soon as he gets through the door. As soon as we get a little free time, I am going to treat him to a back and foot massage (he has been complaining about both lately) . I am also going to make spaces around the house for the things that he uses and does often. For example, he empties his pockets first thing, I will make something or leave something cute at the space in which he does this. Also, he always has chestburn so I will make a space in which he can always find the things he needs to help with his problem.

I am also going to make a present of reasons why I love him and why he is amazing and thanking him for all the things that he does for us. I think he will like that .  

I think its time for me to get to work! Will check in with you guys later!! 

Send me suggestions of any ideas you might have.


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