Problem 101 

My husband bought a very nice shaving machine for himself. Coincidentally, its the only machine my son allows to cut his hair with. 

Now, I broke it. By accident. It was left on the shelf in my bathroom and there was newspaper under it. I went to fetch the newspaper and as I did so, the machine fell to the floor and broke. 

I wanted to spoil my husband and instead I broke something of his. I am feeling awful and he might even be really upset about it. 

I feel terrible. Now, even if I do start my spoiling, he will think it is just because I am trying to butter him up. He won’t ever know that I had this planned for him,for no reason at all.

27 reasons why I love and appreciate him.

I made this with virtually no art supplies at all except for my kids crayons. I know it doesn’t look like the best thing but you can make one with things that you find around your home.

I dont know what to do now. Whether I should go ahead with my plans or not.


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