Today is mothers day. Happy Mothers Day to you all! It is not an easy thing to be a mother.

When I got pregnant, I was 21. I was never a big built girl so the weight of carrying a baby affected me badly. I was in hospital every month for my son. I always had some infection or the other. They said it was because I was carrying a boy. They said to me such infections were common when having a boy child. I suffered in hospital, sometimes for a few days and sometimes for weeks at a time. I cried and I suffered and I cried some more. I began to know all the nurses. My gynaecologist was pathetic! She was so uninformative and unhelpful with no compassion at all. My husband was working away at that time and he wasn’t even staying with me. I felt all alone. My mother would cook and bring things to the hospital for me and the hospital was far away from home. At that time, my husband was still under the influence of the wrong people so he was not understanding certain things that I felt were important. I was also still working but I had the most understanding bosses at the time.
The time of my delivery came and I had to call him from work. He worked around 2 hours away from me. I didnt want him to miss the birth. He came and waited with me. I was in labour from midday to 10 25 pm that night. I couldn’t push my son, but my husband was the one who stood by my side and gave me the encouragement that I needed to bring my son into this world. 

My doctor sorted me out and disappeared. I went to my husbands home after this and there was a huge battle there. The battle of the in laws, I guess. Needless to say that even though I just brought a life into this world, I still had to fight for my relationship and for my sons rights and for my rights as a mother. I also developed scepticimia (I dont know how to spell that) but according to the doctor that I went to, she said I could have died. In extreme pain and under complete stress, I began the journey of motherhood. My parents suffered with me during this time, I will never forget what we were put through.

As I stayed there, I got stronger. I began to understand that to be a mother, I needed to fight for what was mine. My decisions affect my childs future and there was no way that I would doom my childs future. 

We moved out of there, I went back to work. And as I left my job for another, I started getting awfully sick. I found out that I was about to become a mother for the second time.

During the time that I had my son, I started to teach my husband about the importance of a father in the childs life and how important it is to do small things for them while their a baby. Slowly, he started to understand and slowly, he started to understand that I was right all along.

Just a few months on the new job and I had to leave. I became too sick and the doctor said that travelling was no good for me. Thankfully, I was not in hospital all the time but now,  it became too painful to move. The weight of this baby immediately after carrying the weight of my first born, took its toll on my body.

After struggling for so many months, my delivery date came. My husband was with me and he rushed me to the hospital. He was there through it all, wiping the sweat from my face until my beautiful girl came into this world.

I struggled physically and emotionally for my children. I will never forget this battle. Today, people say to me that they don’t know how I manage with my two kids as they  are born almost exactly a year apart. They say to me that they admire me. I feel so proud but not of myself, of my children. 

I came a long way for my kids. I love and appreciate being a mother. 


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