general ramblings

Early mornings 

Its not even 7am yet. No one in my house is even awake! But there’s no space for me in the bed. I was kicked out by my son and husband who have now decided to take over the entire bed along with the blanket and let me tell you, it is freezing!!

As you can see, I am armed with a blanket and good cup of Nescafé. My husband and I made some microwave popcorn last night and we watched our favorite series, House.  After that we had some good, quality time together and then we went to sleep. I’m not saying it wasn’t nice, it’s just I like to do lots of things, I’m not a person that can sit around and feel content about it. 

But anyway, we have our whole lives together to perfect our date nights at home and then again, the kids aren’t going to be small forever! 

Tomorrow is mother’s day. Not that it should matter to me, mothering never stops. Theres no special days and no days off for me. Anyway lets see what this cold Saturday brings for me. Let’s hope that it’s amazing.

I hope you guys have an amazing Saturday as well. 


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