general ramblings

People that I can’t stand 

  1. Narrow minded people
  2. Those who always want to be right 
  3. Backstabbing people
  4. Liars
  5. Pretenders
  6. Gossipers
  7. Selfish people

Yes, narrow minded people annoy me

I don’t understand why some people are still stuck in the past. Why is it that a woman is expected to know how to cook but a man that knows how to cook is a catch? Why is it that a woman drinking with a bunch of male friends is a b*tch but a man drinking with a bunch of women is perfectly acceptable? In fact, he is complimented by ‘the guys’ about his choice of friends. I  hate narrow minded people.

Those who know-it-all

We all know these types of people. The type of people who will never accept that they are wrong when 90% of the time they actually are wrong. Even if you are right all the time (highly unlikely!!) , you should know where to insist upon your intelligence and when to just let it slide. Correcting someone all the time is extremely disrespectful. 

Ahhh, yes, the backstabbers

I would rather have a true enemy than a fake friend. Im not sure how common this is amongst men but women love to backstab. Women don’t get mad at me but you know it’s  true! Fine, if you have never back stabbed anyone but I have noticed that in a workplace setting women are ready to throw other women under the bus. 

Liar, liar, pants on fire!!

I hate liars!! I mean, what is the need to lie? And after the first lie, there comes a thousand lies to cover up that lie. Whatever happened to honesty is the best policy ? It takes a lot build up trust in a person and just one second to break that trust. As someone once said trust is like a mirror. Once you break it, you can stick it back together but you’ll still see the cracks in your reflection. 

Pretenders?  Ahhh, yes the actors of this universe. 

Have you ever been amazed at what a good friend you’ve made? You tell them all your secrets and they comfort you when mysteriously word gets out about something that you have been trying to keep under wraps for months. I hate people that pretend. 

I am who I am. I am not afraid of who I am. I AM PROUD OF WHO I AM. 

Why can’t  everyone be happy about who they are and show that part of themselves to the world? Why do you have to pretend to be my friend? 

What about the gossipers??? 

It’s funny how someone that doesn’t even talk to you has an opinion about your life. Then they spread that opinion and suddenly it’s the next biggest news story. Gossipers are the closest things to reporters. “Neighbourhood watch” should be the name of their newspaper. Only thing this paper will be based on very little fact and mostly lies and opinions.

Selfish people…please drown  yourselves

As if they would. Selfish people behave like the world owes them something. Like we are so lucky to have them .  Yet they do nothing to benefit our lives. They want to be served all the time and they only think of things that suit them, never considering another person. I can’t stand selfish people.

I honestly try to be none of these things. I’m  not saying to be perfect, I’m just saying be good .


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