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Party planning #01

I’ve missed my weekly post this Monday. Clearly, my dream of becoming a serious blogger is slowly going down the drain. The weather here has been miserable to say the least. Non stop rain combined with a flu struck family, has resulted in a hard week for me. 

I am planning my daughter’s birthday party, she will be ONE on the 27th of March. Of course, the colour theme is pink but the entire theme of the  party is Minions. Have you ever seen pink minions? 

I love planning birthdays. I think that birthdays are very special days and most definitely need to be celebrated. My daughter is absolutely beautiful and my son is absolutely handsome (I’m assuming every parent feels this way about their kids), so I’m planning on getting them the cutest birthday outfits ever!! 

I celebrated my son’s birthday last year and although it was simple, it was a huge success. I attended another first birthday during the same year and I felt that it was very drab and boring. 

Since my daughter loves minions, I have downloaded the minions singing happy birthday (horribly) for her. I am having her birthday in a park, no special marquees, just a gazebo. Although I will decorate that gazebo terrifically!!

I want to have table settings for my family so that feeding does not become an issue after the party. 

Although it is a kids party, I want the adults to have fun too! Last year, for my son’s birthday, I made the adults participate in games as well. 

I will keep you informed of my party planning as I go forward. 

For now, heres the invite that I made.


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