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Monday Morning Blues

It’s the kind of morning in Richards Bay, that you just want to sit on the ledge of your window with a cup of coffee on hand, taking in the fresh morning breeze after a night full of rain. Afterward, you have a hot bath, get on your most comfy pjs and enjoy a good movie over a bowl of popcorn and yet another steaming cup of coffee.

But if you’re a parent, this is a dream. Well, actually, once you’re an adult, this is a dream. Atleast working adults that are not parents, gets days off but for full time parents, 5 minutes alone is like heaven!
I don’t just mean mothers, I mean fathers too. A shout out to all the single fathers out there that work hard to perform the job of a mother as well.

I never realised the importance of a mother until I became one. Nor did I realise the importance of a woman in the household. A mother is there to care, provide, nurture and grow her children. The first person to understand you is your mother. From your first cry to your first fall, she knows everything and just how to make it better.
A woman makes a house, a home. With the small things she does, like wash your clothes, pair your socks, keeps track of where things that are important, are thrown. A shout out to my mother for all the things that she has done.
A shout out to all the single mothers who are doing it without the support of their ‘partner’ and to all the single dads  that performs a mothers duty to the best of their ability.

Anyways, Mondays are the worst days. My home looks like a tornado has hit it. Also, I hate that it looks that way. As a mother, I get no time to myself. But I want to make a space for me, thats totally mine. A place that I can feel good to blog, or to just do
some other work. NIYASH is taking off well, and I pray that it’s on and up for us from here.

My son has become very badly behaved. At first, since we have two cots, whenever he would make nonsense, I would put him in the cot for a few minutes. Now, it doesnt work. So my second most important job for today is to make a corner for him. The NAUGHTY corner.

It’s going to be a busy day bloggers. I just have to say: If your parents are alive today, no matter where you are, call them or visit them. If you can afford to, buy something that they always loved (maybe a specific chocolate, or take out). Tell them, this is for you,
because when I was small, you remembered my favorite things and got them for me. Even if that’s not true, even if your parents were not the best, just let them know that you love and appreciate them.

Take care friends.
Have a nice day.


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