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Kids and play areas

We had been living seperately for a while due to my husband’s job. Last year, we decided to live together. This is wonderful. I’ve seen the love and strenght of my family grow tenfold. But living on our own comes with a lot of work, especially with two kids. I’ve decided to turn our living room into a kids play area. We live reasonably far away from our immediate families, so it’s not like I will be getting a ton of visitors during the week. My children can’t do without their tv, movies and toys. My lounge isn’t too big but today, I have decided that I won’t rest until I make the area enjoyable for them.

With a few matresses, a tunnel from an old tent, an age old play table from my childhood and a car gifted to my son, I decided to make do.

Heres what I ended up with: 

Having two kids means having two of everything as you may have noticed.
As the kids move around the lounge, I thought it would be nice to have things that they could find around to play with.

As you can see I have created a small play area for my kids. It didnt cost me a thing. I think the greatest idea when you feel for a change in your home is to walk about your home and find things that are in storage that can be reinvented. Needless to say, my kids are enjoying themselves.

My little girl enjoying her brothers car
My gorgeous son getting ready to climb

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